• Sustainability

    Recycle & Re-use

    Books and jigsaws Check out our ever changing collection of preloved books. Swap or donate out of hours using the ‘Little Library’ in our front yard, the ‘Little Library for Children’ in the rear entrance, or visit during office hours to see the full collection. Ask us for jigsaws.

    Reduce waste

    You can drop off household batteries, light globes,CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, corks, mobile phones, and small e-waste (keyboards, mouse etc), beauty product containers, toothpaste tubes and packaging, toothbrushes, dental floss containers, soft plastics and X-rays.

    Please note: goods need to be dropped off during office hours, as our recycle area is inside. Please do not leave good at the front door. 


    Composting and Worm Farm

    Drop by and see what we are doing and how you can be involved


    Garden Group 

    Come and learn about gardening by helping to look after our wicking beds, vegetables, fruit trees, worm farms, and compost.

    9.30am - 10.30am


    Repair and Share

    Learn and share skills while recycling and reducing both waste and household expense. Bring your broken items to repair with the help of skilled volunteers.

    Last Monday of each month

    1pm - 4pm




    Share your excess produce. We also have herbs and veggies from our garden that we are happy to share with our neighbours. 


    Rescued food

    Second Bite redistributes surplus fresh food that is donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events. Drop by for fresh, nutritious food, completely free of charge.




    Sustainable Neighbourhood House Tour

    Learn about the sustainable retrofits that have helped turn Holden St Neighbourhood House into a more comfortable, eco-friendly house with lower energy bills. The building has been upgraded with solar panels, efficient lighting, tubular skylights, window treatments, internal and external blinds, draught proofing, insulation and water tanks. Originally a suburban house, there is much that you can apply to your own home. Energy experts will be on hand to provide further advice.

    Available on request.