Film Making Introduction Course

with Alix Jackson

This course focuses on the theory and practical aspects of film making. Learn how to tell stories in a variety New sign of ways, taking into account such things as shot types, storyboard, composition, editing and post production, using a mix of instructions, illustrations and practical exercises. All equipment provided.

Thursday 11am - 4pmLearn Local
2 May - 16 May
$25 (ACFE eligible students only)

Public Internet Access

Come in for free use of our computers and internet when there are no classes being held. Practise what you have learned in class, surf the web or try social media. Ask our friendly volunteers for help.
Mondays 1pm - 4pm
(assisted by Vivian)
Wednesdays 9.30am - 12.30pm
(assisted by Andrew)
Scanning and printing available.
Photocopying by prior arrangement.
Charges apply.

Stop Motion Animation

With Alix Jackson

This course introduces participants to the basic elements of video production through practical exercises using Stop Motion Animation. Learn about the filmmaking process by creating your own stories. All equipment provided.

Thursday 10am - 1pmNew sign
2 May - 23 May
$180 / Conc. $145

Introduction to Hospitality 1

with Maddison Ippolito

This class introduces the basic concepts of food safety practices, food hygiene, food preparation, menu planning and presentation. Teaching pace and style are designed for adults with a disability.                                                             

Mondays 10am - 1.15pm
21 January -1 April
(no class 28 January & 11 March)
29 April - 24 June
(no class 10 June)
$120 (ACFE eligible students only)   


learn local


Coding and Programming

With Tim Beacham

Learn to write simple programmes and understand how programming is used in the modern workplace.  New sign

Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm
7 May - 4 June
$25 (ACFE eligible students only) Learn Local


Foodcraft: One Step Further

This class will build on skills developed in Foodcraft classes held in 2018. Participants will work in small groups, take a turn in selecting and shopping for a menu within a budget.

Tuesdays 9.30am - 12.30pm
12 February - 2 April
7 May - 25 June
$60 per term

Google Apps and the Cloud

with Tim Beacham

An in-depth look at all the Google Apps and how to use the cloud to sync information across different devices.

Mondays 9.30am - 12.30pm
4 February - 1 April
(no class 11 March)
29 April - 24 June
(no class 10 June)
$85 (ACFE eligible students only)

learn local

Basic Literacy through Cooking 1

with Jenny Collodetti

Basic literacy skills are embedded into a fun and tasty course. Participants will strengthen
their understanding of budgeting, while preparing nutritious meals. Specially designed
for adults with a disability.

Wednesdays 9.45am - 12.45pm
30 January - 3 April
1 May - 19 June
$140 (ACFE eligible students only)


learn local

Working with Word: Introduction to internet and email

With Tim Beacham

A beginner’s guide to learn the basics of Microsoft Word, understanding email practices, and accessing the internet.

Tuesdays 10am - 12.30pm
5 February - 2 April
30 April - 11 June
$75 (ACFE eligible students only)

learn local

Basic Numeracy and Literacy

with Judy Tin

Adult learners will have the opportunity to improve skills in basic numeracy and literacy.
This course will help those who have struggled to stay in contact with formal education, especially during their schooling
years. This is not an ESL course.

Wednesdays 1pm - 3pmLearn Local2
6 February - 3 April
1 May - 5 June
$55 (ACFE eligible students only)

Be Connected - Seniors Computer Club

with Tim Beacham

Do you need to use technology to keep in touch with the world? Technology changing faster than you can keep up with? Don’t want to commit to a long term class? If you answered yes to any of these, this club might be just right for you. Our resident computer teacher will attend most sessions, but there will be volunteer and we hope, in time, peer help and support. To keep the price really affordable, we ask you to pay for sessions in advance and use them as you

Tuesdays 3.30pm - 5.30pm
5 February - 2 April
23 April - 18 June
$80 for 10 sessions

English as a Second Language

With Chris Opie

An informal class for those people wishing to improve their English through conversation, reading and writing, in a social setting.

Mondays 10.30am - 1pm
4 February - 1 April (no class 11 March)
29 April - 24 June (no class 10 June)

One-to-one IT help

with Tim Beacham               

Individual computer support by appointment. Please see office for bookings.                           

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